1. Term: This agreement will commence upon the acceptance date and will continue throughout the 2023 season. This agreement may be terminated prior to the end of the season if the Festival cancels the agreement because Company fails to follow the provisions of the agreement.

  2. Online Discount Code: Festival will provide Company with a “Corporate Discount Code” that will allow employees to access discounted tickets from the Festival’s website.

  3. Eligible Purchasers: Company agrees to limit access to the Discount Code to employees and qualified clients or contractors at Company’s business.

  4. Promotion: Company agrees to promote the program to eligible users throughout the season, using appropriate company communication channels, such as email, signs posted in employee-only spaces and/or listing on an internal website. Festival will provide posters, rack cards and other promotional materials upon request.

  5. Employee Compliance with Terms: Anytime the Discount Code is given to employees, Company agrees to communicate that employees must comply with this agreement, and specifically may not share the Discount Code with non-employees or display the code where they know it may be seen by non-employees (such as a public website, email, social media, broadcast, written document, etc.).

  6. Changing Discount Code: Festival reserves the right to change the Corporate Discount Code at any time. Company agrees to notify employees of any code or program changes.

  7. Reconciliation: Company will not be required to make payments to the Festival. Each employee purchase will be made online. The Festival will provide Company with sales numbers for Discount Code upon request.

Please fill out and digitally sign this agreement. Upon receipt, Festival will assign a Discount Code, which will be emailed to Contact Person, along with a digital flyer to distribute to employees. If you would like a printed agreement, email to request one.

Any and all attached riders are an integral and binding part of this contract. In the event of any conflict, inconsistency between the provisions of the Company contract and rider, the provisions of Kansas City Renaissance Festival contract and rider shall in all respects govern and control. Agreement of Company to all preceding terms and conditions is indicated by the digital signature below. This agreement becomes effective only when received and approved by Mid-America Festivals, whereupon it shall become a binding contract between the Kansas City Renaissance Festival and Company, Heirs, Successors and Assigns, in accordance with its terms and conditions.

Kansas City Renaissance Festival
628 N. 126th St.
Bonner Springs, KS  66012

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