2024 Renaissance Festival

2024 Dates Coming Soon!


Rotary Park
2577 West Meyer Road Wentzville, MO 63386

Welcome to the village of Petite Lyon

King Franscois and King Henry the VIII grace the quiet area of Petite Lyon in Southern France during the Festival of the 1520s. Along with their majesties Queen Claude and Queen Katherine of Aragon. The village of Petite Lyon is over seen by the 13 Counts of the City, Lyon, and have seen fit to draw travelers, entertainers, peddlers and craft masters from across the country to entertain those who come to celebrate it’s 25 years of revelry and chaos. While the nobility visit who knows what intrigue will unfold. The realm of mortals toils over their Festive plans while the Lord of the Forest holds his own court for revelries and a keen delight in startling those of mortal kind and inspiring wonder in those with an open mind. Jousts, music, fine foods and wares, friends new and old, and cheer will appear. Come and find what strikes you merry!
Knight on a horse

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