Jason Mraz

Jason Mraz Has Worn Many Hats — San Diego Surfer Dude, Pop Music’s Mr. Sunshine, And One Great Pickle Boy At The Minnesota Renaissance Festival– 1996 Or ’97, He Thinks. One College Friends Persuaded Him To Hang Out In Chaska And Shakopee One Summer And Perform At The Renaissance Festival. “One Of My Friends Is […]

Penn & Teller

Penn Jillette And Teller Were Introduced To One Another By Wier Chrisimer, And Performed Their First Show Together At The Minnesota Renaissance Festival On August 19, 1975. From The Late 1970S Through 1981, Penn, Teller, And Chrisimer Performed As A Trio Called “The Asparagus Valley Cultural Society” Which Played In San Francisco At The Phoenix […]

Puke & Snot

Joe Kudla And Mark Sieve, The Nationally Recognized Actors Who Originally Created And Played “Puke And Snot,” Started Appearing In The Streets And Paths At The Minnesota Renaissance Festival In 1973 Under The Names Mouldy & Wart. Their First Shows Were Largely Improvised Fifteen Minute Encounters That Often Included Unannounced Appearances And Spontaneous Audience Interactions. […]