Shamrocks, Shenanigans & Sweet Romance

Shamrocks, Shenanigans & Sweet Romance 

October 3rd & 4th

Transport to Ireland by visiting us this weekend! You will find local Irish vendors and fun for all ages. Kick up your heels with traditional Irish music and dance and experience our Irish themed eating contests! Enjoy some chocolate themed contests and some free chocolate!

Take Place in our Marriage En Masse and Vow Renewal. Please pre-register you can find the form by clicking here!
Be sure to check out our Daily Royal Events too!

Marriage En Masse

Want to get married this weekend? We have a mass wedding ceremony that you and your significant other can join! Tickets are $50, which includes festival admission for two and a small reception after! To purchase tickets, click

Vow Renewals

Renew your vows for FREE at the festival! Vow Renewals will take place at the festival, following Marriage en Masse. All participants will be able to attend the reception to follow. 


Royal Pavilion
Coming Soon….

Falconer’s Keep
Coming Soon….

St. Louis Stage
Coming Soon…..

Owain Stage
Coming Soon….

Friendship Stage
Coming Soon….

Aerial Act
Coming Soon….

Joan of Arc Stage
Coming Soon….

Knights Pub Stage
Coming Soon…..

Glass Blower
Coming Soon…..

Marco Polo Stage
Coming Soon……

Storytelling Stage
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Joust Field
11:00         Kids Celtic Irish Games
11:30         Nobilis Equus Joust
12:15         Keg Toss
12:45         MO State Championship Irish Celtic Games
1:15           Wife Carry
1:30           Sack Race
2:00           Nobilis Equus Joust
2:45           MO State Championship Irish Celtic Games
3:15           Tug of War
3:30           3 Leg Race
4:00           Nobilis Equus Joust

Pirate Ship
Coming Soon….

Normandy Stage
12:00         Kids Kilt Contest
12:15         Adult Kilt Contest
12:45         Tater Tot Toss Competition
1:45           Irish Dance Competition
2:15            Leprechaun Costume Contest
2:30           Mashed Potato Eating Competition
2:45           Shamrock Scramble
3:15           Beard Contest