Pets, Pirates & Ale

Pets, Pirates & Ale

September 26th & 27th

Bring your dog and pirate pals for our Pets, Pirates, & Ale weekend! This weekend will showcase contests for your pets to compete in, like Wiener Dog Races, Corgi Races, Peanut Butter Licking contest, and more! Not only are there activities for your pets, but also for you! Toast your mates and enjoy the finest mead and beer in the realm. Please note, only dogs are allowed. You must complete the Dog Registration Form & check in at the pet gate.


Contest Schedule:

Normandy Stage:

10:35am – 10:50am          Hold the Plank
12:20pm – 12:30pm          Kids Pirate Costume Contest
12:35pm – 12:55pm          Smallest Dogs Competition
12:50pm – 1:05pm            Adult Pirate Costume Contest
1:10pm – 1:35pm               Dog Costume Contest
1:20pm – 1:35pm               Sit Means Sit Contest
1:50pm – 2:05pm               Peanut Butter Licking Contest
2:20pm – 2:35pm               Tattoo Competition
2:50pm – 3:05pm               Dog & Owner Look Alike Contest
3:20pm – 3:35pm               Muscle Flex Competition
3:40pm – 4:00pm               Hot Dog Eating Contest

**All contest times are subject to change