WK 2- Pups, Pints, and Pirates

Pups, Pints, and Pirates

September 25th & 26th 2021

Bring your dog and pirate pals for our Pups, Pints, and Pirates weekend! This weekend will showcase contests for your pets to compete in, like Wiener Dog Races, Corgi Races, Peanut Butter Licking contest, and more! Not only are there activities for your pets, but also for you! Toast your mates and enjoy the finest mead and beer in the realm. Please note, only dogs are allowed. You must complete the Dog Registration Form & check in at the pet gate.


Contest Schedule: 

Normandy Stage:

10:35am – 10:50am     Hold the Plank

Don’t walk the plank, HOLD IT! This is a test of your strength. 
Sponsored by: Fit & Tan Salon and Spa; From The Ashes Body Art @ Ultimate Art Form;  Johnny Brock’s and Steve’s Hot Dogs.

12:20pm – 12:30pm     Prettiest Pup Smile Contest

Think your pup has the best grin? Let us see them pearly whites!
Sponsored by: Baxter’s K9 Complex; Pet Connection; Puppington Palace and Treats Unleashed.

12:35pm – 12:55pm     Smallest Dogs Competition

Is your pup petite? How about teeny tiny?  Let us be the judge. 
Sponsored by: Airedale Antics; Petsmart 0270; and Diamonds in the Ruff.

12:50pm – 1:05pm      Adult/kid  Pirate Costume Contest

Arrrgh Matey! Grab your pirate gear on and get your swagger on!
Sponsored by: Climb So Ill; Johnny Brock’s’ Marcus Town Square 12 Cine; Peacock Diner; Upper Limits Rock Gym and Pro Shop; and Wheel Sports Bicycle Shop & Skateboards.

1:10pm – 1:35pm     Dog Costume Contest

Is your dog too, too cute? Make them cuter by dressing them up! 
Sponsored by: Airedale Antics; Diamond in The Ruff; Salon De Fluff and Shampooches.

1:20pm – 1:35pm     Sit Means Sit Contest

How well does your dog listen? Do you know someone who should participate?  
Sponsored by:  Petsmart 0270; Treats Unleashed and Wolfgang’s Pet Stop.

1:50pm – 2:05pm     Peanut Butter Licking Contest

Smooth or Crunchy? Can your pup lick peanut butter off the tip of his nose the fastest? We shall see!
Sponsored by: Kennelwood Pet Resorts; Lola & Penelope’s; Pet Supplies Plus-Concord and Oakville;
Salon De Fluff and Sebastian’s Pet Salon.

2:20pm – 2:35pm     Tattoo Competition

Got ink? Show us your tats.
Sponsored by: John D. McGurks Irish Pub; Rural King; Kokomo Joe’s and Never Fade Tattoo Studio.

2:50pm – 3:05pm     Dog & Owner Look Alike Contest

Looking for the best looking couple! Think you got the stuff we’re looking for?
Sponsored by: Airedale Antics; Johnny Brock’s Dungeon; Marcus Town Square 12 Cine, Peacock Diner and Salon De Fluff.

3:20pm – 3:35pm     Muscle Flex Competition

Think you have the best Guns? Flex them for us and let us be the judge!
Sponsored by: Sponsored by: Culver’s of Wentzvile; Grbic Restaurant & Private Events; and Kokomo Joe’s.

3:40pm – 4:00pm     Hot Dog Eating Contest

Who can eat 3 hot dogs the fastest? Without taking a drink?
Sponsored by: Culver’s of Wentzville; Marcus Town Square 12 Cine; Pappy’s Smokehouse and Peacock Diner.

Joust Field:

12:15     Weiner Race

Calling all Dachshunds! Calling all Dachshunds! Time to get your race on!
Sponsored by: Airedale Antics; Kennelwood Pet Resorts; Pet Supplies Plus-Warson Woods and Salon De Fluff.

12:45     Corgi Race

How fast can a Corgi go? Come find out!
Sponsored by: Airedale Antics; Pet Supplies Plus-Concord and Oakville; Westinn Kennels and Wolfgang’s Pet Shop

1:15     Obstacle Course

Put your pup through its paces! See who can run, jump and crawl the fastest?
Sponsored by:  Kennelwood Pet Resort; Puppington Palace; Salon De Fluff and  Westinn Kennels.

2:45     Flash Fetch

Who is faster than a speeding bullet? Super Pup! See who can fetch the fastest.
Sponsored by: Exotic A.R.C.; Pet Supplies Plus-Concord and Oakville; Shampooches Grooming and  Wolfgang’s Pet Shop.

3:15     Hooman Obstacle Course

Now it’s the owners turn. How fast can you complete the obstacle course? Come cheer them on!
Sponsored by: Defy Extreme Air Sports; Fountain on Locust; Johnny Brock’s Dungeon; Kokomo Joe’s; Peacock Diner and Upper Limits Rock Gym and Pro Shop.

**All contest times are subject to change

Stage Schedules: 

Royal Pavilion:

10:00Opening Ceremony
10:15Bella the Bard
11:00Bess and Marley
11:45Bella the Bard
12:30Bess and Marley
1:15Bella the Bard
2:00Bess and Marley
2:45Bella the Bard
3:30Bess and Marley
4:15Bella the Bard
5:00Bess and Marley
5:15Closing Ceremony & Drum Jam

Falconer’s Keep on Warrior Island:

9:45Hawk Walk
12:15Wildlife Command Bird of Prey Show
2:45Wildlife Command Bird of Prey Show

St. Louis Stage:

11:30Haywire Circus
1:30Haywire Circus
3:15Haywire Circus

Owain Pyfe Stage:

10:30Greenleaf Singers
12:00Greenleaf Singers
1:00Anya Lautair (Saturday)

Marco Polo Stage:

10:15Swords & Roses
11:00Minstrel Rav’n
11:45Swords & Roses
12:30Minstrel Rav’n
1:15Swords & Roses
2:00Minstrel Rav’n
2:45Swords & Roses
3:30Minstrel Rav’n
4:15Swords & Roses
5:00Minstrel Rav’n

Storytelling Stage:

10:30Gateway Storytellers
12:00Gateway Storytellers
12:45Hero of Mime
1:30Gateway Storytellers
2:15Greenleaf Singers
3:00Gateway Storytellers
3:45Greenleaf Singers
4:30Gateway Storytellers

Joan of Arc Stage:

10:15Crazy Boy Coy
11:00Dancing Bear Tribe
11:45Crazy Boy Coy
12:30Dancing Bear Tribe
1:15Crazy Boy Coy
2:00Dancing Bear Tribe
2:45Crazy Boy Coy
3:30Dancing Bear Tribe
4:15Crazy Boy Coy
5:00Dancing Bear Tribe

Joust Field:

11:30Equus Nobilis Joust
2:00Equus Nobilis Joust
4:00Equus Nobilis Joust

Pirate Ship:

10:45Totally Lost
11:30Pirates Inc.
12:15Totally Lost
1:00Pirates Inc.
1:45Totally Lost
2:30Pirates Inc.
3:15Totally Lost
4:00Pirates Inc.
4:45Kings Sing
5:30Parade to Front Gate

Knights Pub Stage:

11:003 Pints Gone
11:45The Rum Runners
12:303 Pints Gone
1:15The Rum Runners
2:003 Pints Gone
2:45The Rum Runners
3:303 Pints Gone
4:15The Rum Runners

Two Cannons Pub Stage:

4:15Kings Happy Hour