Bring your Dog!

Dog Friendly!

To be eligible to bring your dog to the Festival the following terms must be met.

Dogs Welcome!

Please read all rules and regulations carefully

Rules & Regulations

•  Fill out theDog Registration Form
• Bring Proof of Rabies Vaccination in one of the following forms: Proof of shots from Veterinarian
• Tag on Pet with date of expiration
• Pet Photo
• DOGS ONLY! No other pets will be allowed on festival grounds!
•  All Dogs must enter through Pet Gate (at the front entrance)
• All Dogs must be on a leash at all times
• Dog leashes can not exceed 4 feet
•  Owners must clean up after their dogs
• Only one dog per owner will be allowed
• Dog Owners must report any accidents to first aid immediately
• All Dogs must have their festival tag visible at all times

Dog Admission
$10 per pet


All service animals will be admitted into the St. Louis Renaissance Festival in accordance with ADA regulations and the Missouri Human Rights Act.




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