Oktoberfest – October 7 & 8

German Village

Celebrate Oktoberfest by strolling through German vendors, artisans, restaurants and more! Learn about German culture from local clubs and organizations.

Stein Holding Competition

Hold your stein for as long as you can! Stein will be filled with water and contestants must hold with arm fully extended perpendicular to your body.

Time: 12:25p.m.
Location: Friendship Stage


Take your best shot at the challenging and favorite Oktoberfest game! Patrons can battle one another by using a wedge-shaped hammer to hit a nail into a tree stump.

Time: 5:00p.m.
Location: Joust Field

Sauerkraut Eating Contest

All patrons fit for the challenge can fill their belly with a German favorite at the Sauerkraut Eating Competition.

Time: 3:20p.m.
Location: Friendship

Beard Competition

Got a beard that you’re proud of? Enter into our Beard Competition to see if it wins a prize! Categories range from longest to shortest to craziest and more!

Time: 1:50p.m.
Location: Friendship

Keg Toss

Test your strength by entering into our Keg Toss competition. See if you’re the strongest in the Realm by competing to throw an empty keg the furthest!

Time: 3:00p.m.
Location: Joust Field