October 12th & 13th

Join us for one of our most popular themed weekends: Oktoberfest! Participate in our Belching contest, Beer Pong Contest, Cornhole competition, Rootbeer Chugging Contest, Keg Toss and more! Be sure to check out our Daily Royal Events as well!

Contest Schedule: 

Normandy Stage:
11:45am          Battle Axe Throwing Competition
12:15pm          Sauerkraut Eating Contest
12:30pm          Pretzel Eating Contest
12:45pm          Cornhole Tournament
1:30pm             Rootbeer Chug Contest
1:45pm            Belching Contest
2:45pm            Beard Contest
3:00pm            Stein Holding Contest
3:15pm            Beer Pong Competition
3:45pm            Pretzel Necklace Contest

Joust Field:
11:30am           Nobilis Equus Joust
12:00pm           Keg Toss
2:00pm             Nobilis Equus Joust
4:00pm             Nobilis Equus Joust

Royal Pavilion:
10:00am          Opening Ceremony
10:15am          Bella the Bard
11:00am          Richard the Pauper
11:45am          Zen Harbison
12:30pm          Bella the Bard
1:15pm            Richard the Pauper
2:45pm            Bella the Bard
3:30pm            Richard the Pauper
4:30pm            Zen Harbison
6:00pm            Closing Ceremony

St. Louis Stage
10:15am           Dr. Judas Lynch & Ms. Magnolia Strange
11:00am           Swords & Roses
11:45am           Black Powder Show
12:30pm           Swords & Roses
1:15pm            Dr. Judas Lynch & Ms. Magnolia Strange
2:00pm             Swords & Roses
3:30pm             Swords & Roses
4:15pm            Dr. Judas Lynch & Ms. Magnolia Strange
5:00pm             Swords & Roses

Owain Stage
11:00am            Zen Harbison
1:15pm              Anya Lautari
2:00pm              Bella the Bard
2:45pm              Richard the Pauper
3:30pm              Zen Harbison
4:15pm              Bella the Bard

Falconer’s Keep
9:45am               Hawk Walk
11:15am             Bird Show
1:00pm               Bird Show
2:45pm               Bird Show
4:30pm               Bird Show

Joan of Arc Stage
10:15am              Crazy Boy Coy
11:00am              Dr. Judas Lynch & Ms. Magnolia Strange
12:00pm              Crazy Boy Coy
12:45pm              Jim MacKenzie
1:45pm                Crazy Boy Coy
2:30pm                Dr. Judas Lynch & Ms. Magnolia Strange
3:30pm                Crazy Boy Coy
4:15pm                Jim MacKenzie
5:15pm                Crazy Boy Coy

Friendship Stage
11:30am             Washing Well Wenches
1:00pm               Washing Well Wenches
2:30pm               Washing Well Wenches
4:00pm               Washing Well Wenches

Aerial Act
10:45am              Kinetic Tapestry
12:15pm              Kinetic Tapestry
1:15pm                Kinetic Tapestry
3:15pm                Kinetic Tapestry
4:45pm                Kinetic Tapestry

Marco Polo Stage
10:30am             Pirates Inc.
11:15am             Jim MacKenzie
12:15pm             Pirates Inc.
1:45pm               Pirates Inc.
2:30pm               Jim MacKenzie
3:30pm               Pirates Inc.
5:12pm               Secret Show

Storytelling Stage
10:30am             Gateway Storytellers
12:00pm             Gateway Storytellers
12:45pm             Zen Harbison
1:30pm               Gateway Storytellers
3:00pm               Gateway Storytellers
4:30pm               Gateway Storytellers

Glass Blower
10:30am           Mark Haller Glass Demo
12:00pm           Mark Haller Glass Demo
2:30pm             Mark Haller Glass Demo
4:30pm             Mark Haller Glass Demo

Pirate Ship
10:45am           Chuvani Bellydance & Sheherazade Drums
11:30am           Pictus
12:15pm           Chuvani Bellydance & Sheherazade Drums
1:15pm             Pictus
2:00pm             Chuvani Bellydance & Sheherazade Drums
2:45pm              Pictus
3:30pm             Chuvani Bellydance & Sheherazade Drums
4:15pm              Pictus
5:15pm              Kings Sing