WK 5- Oktoberfest


October 16th & 17th 2021

Join us for one of our most popular themed weekends: Oktoberfest! Participate in our Beer Pong Contest, Cornhole competition, Keg Toss and more! Be sure to check out our Daily Royal Events as well!

Check out our amazing performers here!

Contest Schedule:

Normandy Stage:

12:00Beard Contest
12:15Stein Hold
12:45German Dance
1:45German Costume Contest
2:15Belly Dance
2:45Sauerkraut Eating
3:15Giant Beer Pong
3:45Pretzel Necklace Contest

Joust Field:

12:15Wife Carry
1:15Keg Toss
3:15Pumpkin Bowling

Stage Schedules:

Royal Pavilion:

10:00Opening Ceremony
10:15Bella the Bard
11:00Ermagerd the Bard
11:45Bella the Bard
12:30Ermagerd the Bard
1:15Bella the Bard
2:00Ermagerd the Bard
2:45Bella the Bard
3:30Ermagerd the Bard
4:15Bella the Bard
5:00Ermagerd the Bard
5:15Closing Ceremony & Drum Jam

Falconer’s Keep on Warrior Island:

9:45Hawk Walk
12:15Wildlife Command Bird of Prey Show
2:45Wildlife Command Bird of Prey Show

St. Louis Stage:

11:30Haywire Circus
1:30Haywire Circus
3:15Haywire Circus

Owain Pyfe Stage:

10:15Greenleaf Singers
10:45Let’s Get Gillie
11:30Greenleaf Singers
12:15Let’s Get Gillie
1:00Anya Lautair (Saturday)
2:45Let’s Get Gillie

Friendship Stage:

10:30Ashley’s Aerialists
12:00Ashley’s Aerialists
1:30Ashley’s Aerialists
3:00Ashley’s Aerialists
4:30Ashley’s Aerialists

Marco Polo Stage:

10:15Swords & Roses
11:00Minstrel Rav’n
11:45Swords & Roses
12:30Minstrel Rav’n
1:15Swords & Roses
2:00Minstrel Rav’n
2:45Swords & Roses
3:30Minstrel Rav’n
4:15Swords & Roses
5:00Minstrel Rav’n

Storytelling Stage:

10:30Gateway Storytellers
12:00Gateway Storytellers
12:45Hero of Mime
1:30Gateway Storytellers
2:15Greenleaf Singers
3:00Gateway Storytellers
3:45Greenleaf Singers
4:30Gateway Storytellers

Joan of Arc Stage:

10:15Crazy Boy Coy
11:00Dancing Bear Tribe
11:45Crazy Boy Coy
12:30Dancing Bear Tribe
1:15Crazy Boy Coy
2:00Dancing Bear Tribe
2:45Crazy Boy Coy
3:30Dancing Bear Tribe
4:15Crazy Boy Coy
5:00Dancing Bear Tribe

Joust Field:

11:30Equus Nobilis Joust
2:00Equus Nobilis Joust
4:00Equus Nobilis Joust

Pirate Ship:

10:45Chuvani Bellydance & Sheherazade Drums (Saturday)

Totally Lost (Sunday)
11:30Pirates Inc.
12:15 Chuvani Bellydance & Sheherazade Drums (Saturday)

Totally Lost (Sunday)
1:00Pirates Inc.
1:45 Chuvani Bellydance & Sheherazade Drums (Saturday)

Totally Lost (Sunday)
2:30Pirates Inc.
3:15 Chuvani Bellydance & Sheherazade Drums (Saturday)

Totally Lost (Sunday)
4:00Pirates Inc.
4:45Kings Sing
5:30Parade to Front Gate

Knights Pub Stage:

11:003 Pints Gone
11:45The Rum Runners
12:303 Pints Gone
1:15The Rum Runners
2:003 Pints Gone
2:45The Rum Runners
3:303 Pints Gone
4:15The Rum Runners

Two Cannons Pub Stage:

10:30Totally Lost (Saturday)
11:15Cirque Du Flame
12:00Totally Lost (Saturday)
12:45Cirque Du Flame
1:30Totally Lost (Satuday)
2:15Cirque Du Flame
3:00Totally Lost (Saturday)
3:45Cirque Du Flame
4:15Kings Happy Hour