New in 2017

New Features in 2017

Magic the Live Unicorn

Get your photo taken with Magic the Unicorn! He sure does bring “magic” to the festival!

Game of Thrones Tavern

Explore the myriad of adult beverages at Game of Thrones Tavern while participating in our trivia contest based around the hit television show. Get your photo taken by the famous Throne of Swords!

Jester’s Juggling School

Take juggling lessons from our joyful jesters! Learn the basics of juggling and enjoy entertainment along the way. Available daily for all ages.

Royal Puppet Troupe

Interact with our 8 feet tall Royal Puppet Troupe! Dance with the pirates, get knighted by a knight and joke with a jester. These characters bring personality to all attendees.

Mermaid Cove

Experience the mermaid cove and hear their whimsical calls as you walk through their magical realm.