Meet Our Cast

Meet our Cast

Get to know our cast and the characters they portray!
They spend countless hours throughout the year preparing for the Festival weekends, to bring you laughter and entertainment! 

Adriana Beale
Adriana Beale has been a part of the St. Louis Renaissance Faire since the summer of 2016. She did take a year off because of basic training, but her heart never left the Faire or the dogs at the Faire. Before she joined the cast, she was (and still is) a gymnastics coach. She is also in the Missouri National Guard and is loving it! For fun, she does gymnastics, spends time with friends, watches movies, and plays with her dogs. She LOVES dogs!

Em Bendet
Em Bendet has been a part of the Renaissance Faire since summer 2017 and is a member of the Mermaids. As a former teacher, she enjoys entertaining children at the faire. She loves painting, gardening, and scuba diving.

Jacob Bond
Jacob has been playing Kurt von Habsburg in the German Guild since 2007. When he joined the Faire, he was in middle school and played an arquebusier. Outside of Faire, Jacob is a software design student. He enjoys games of all sorts, Magic: The Gathering, and tabletop RPGs.

Elizabeth Brandywine
Shortly after returning from the Landsknechts’ victory at Rome, Elizabeth Brandywine met and married Leo Brandywine, son and apprentice of his father, Yod. She is currently learning the craft of chainmail armor. Elizabeth Brandywine is portrayed by Sarah Robinson.

Leo Brandywine
Leo is the son of the great armor maker, Yod Brandywine. Leo has been learning his craft since he could walk and is married to an amazing woman, Elizabeth Brandywine. Part of the Luxemburger Company’s baggage train, Leo is always learning new skills along the way.

Yod Brandywine
Yod is a former soldier who was injured while foraging. Since he didn’t want to return to his father’s farm a failure, the Master Craftswoman (Lady Loralie) took him as an apprentice and taught him the craft of chainmail. About a year before the Landsknechts’ attack on Rome, he joined the Luxemburger Faehnlein when the Colonel realized his potential. Yod has been repairing and making new armor for the Faehnlein ever since. Yod has taken on several apprentices and is teaching them the chainmail craft. Yod is portrayed by Tim Robinson.

Jacqueline Brown
Jacqueline Brown portrays Princess Mary Tudor. Jacqueline is an actress from St. Louis and a graduate of Lindenwood University. She has a BA in graphic design and a minor in art history. She is most known for her role in the Olympic Coven acting troupe. She has been a part of the faire since 2015 and loves portraying a real princess while expressing her love of history and theatre.

Gareth Davies
Gareth Davies portrays Vasilis Lautari, the Rom Baro, or leader, of the Lautari Gypsy clan, otherwise known as the Gypsy King or King of Egyptians. He speaks for the clan in dealings with the gaje, and enjoys sharing his juggling and dancing skills with festival goers, when his attention can be spared from his beautiful wife and ever growing list of chores she diligently manages for him.

Alistair the Red
Alistair the Red is one of the many brave Scots who have come here as mercenaries for the French King. His mum worked in a house of ill repute and he had few prospects in Scotland. He left to find a different life. Alba Garrison has welcomed him as family and he would defend them with his dying breath. When he is nae fighting, he is a fair hand at wood carving about camp, but the lassess will tell you his true skill is being a notorious flirt. Princess or gypsy, it matters not. If it moves, he will flirt with it.

David Edwards, King Henry VIII
Joined the cast in 2018. Over 35 years performing on stage, television and film. David is a former museum exhibit designer and is now in healthcare management. He loves the interactive style of acting, especially that of what the Renaissance Festival provides.

Amber Fern
Amber Fern has been a part of the St. Louis Renaissance Festival for the past 9 years. First, as a Lady in Waiting to the French court, and now, as Lady Jane Seymour of the English Court. During the faire day, when not following the King and Queen around the site, she will most likely be watching jousts or causing mischief and looking for a suitable husband with the Boleyn Sisters. Outside of the faire, Amber is a college student and works as a Certified Nursing Assistant in Southern Illinois.

Charles Fliss
Charles Fliss is a lifelong amateur actor and historian. He joined the faire in 2005 and has since risen in station to become the Count of Luxembourg, captain of the Luxemburger Company. At the festival, he can be found bossing his soldiers around camp and desperately attempting to keep track of the worst-behaved noblewomen in the Empire. He co-leads the German Guild and does his best to bring new and exciting living history demonstrations and activities to the festival. In what little remains of his free time, he enjoys studying Japanese and watching his beloved Green Bay Packers.

Thomas Gambino
Native of St. Louisian with a mix of Sicilian, French, Irish, and other European Mix, Thomas has been with the faire since it began in 1999. Starting out assisting the Volunteer Guild Leader, he portrayed Nostradomus his second year, and third year was offered the role of his lifetime Cardinal de Guise, Cardinal of France. Currently, his role is Jean de Guise, Cardinal de Guise, Cardinal de Lorraine, friend and cousin to his majesty, the King of France. During the early years of the fair, he played Governor of the Island of Martinique for two years and as Pinkbeard for three years during the Pirate Festival.

Phoenix Gordon
Phoenix portrays Prince James Stewart. He has been a part of the faire since 2014 after being first introduced to it by his mother. Having blood already from the clan, he joined the Scottish guild and eventually became a prince. He is a graduate of Hobart Institute for Welding. In his free time, he enjoys culinary and motorcycling.

Nicole Graeler
Nicole has been part of the Luxemburg Faehnlien for a couple of years, having joined the guild to seek adventure and travel. She portrays the Countess, and practices archery and other pursuits more appropriate for noble ladies. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in English Folklore, as well as a degree in Psychology. Her favorite part of being the Countess is showing the  younger patrons you can be a gentle noble lady and a competent huntress at the same time.

Joe Hemby
Bal is a master craftsman, whose work encompasses many forms, such as a bladesmith, an armorer, a jeweler, and a bowyer. He is well equipped to survive almost any surroundings, having been born and raised in the hostile environments of the cold lads. He finds himself part of the baggage train of the Landsknechts traveling with his close friend Yod and company.

Theodore Jander
Theodore has portrayed King Francois I since 2007. Being a part of the faire since 2000, he has also portrayed Francois II, Dauphin of France and King Henri II of France. He is the Artistic Director for the Greenleaf Singers, Composer-in-Residence and Co-Minister of Music at Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd. Outside of the faire, he enjoys composing and arranging sacred choral music for over 19 years. His dabbling in the world of electronic/mixed music provides a nice change of pace from the more formal situations of music making. While pursing his Master’s, he spent a month in France, as part of the European American Musical Alliance in 2005. Seasonal Scriptures in Song is his newest project, launched in 2017. He loves to spend time with his two amazing children, Ellie and Evan, and his fiance, Jennifer.

Emma Jenkins
Emma Jenkins (EJ) has been part of the faire for five years. She began in the Landsknecht army as a simple camp Frau, but since then, has been promoted to head cook. During faire days, you can find EJ feet first in a fire, cooking food to satisfy the Landsknecht camp. Her love of cooking extends outside of faire, as she can be found cooking for friends and family as well.

Arielle Kniffen
Arielle portrays Tsura Lautari, the Chief Rom Baro nagger, food critic, and poi spinner for the Lautari Clan of the Gypsies. Tsura has a devoted and loving husband/Rom Baro and a beautiful daughter who enjoys hugging her as tightly as possible.

Anna Knobeloch
Anna Knobeloch is a pirate sometimes.

The Executioner
The Executioner might be clinically depressed, but is excited about his job. His skills range from torture to beheadings. If you find him at the jail, he may ask you to stay and hang around for awhile. The Executioner is portrayed by Darrell Lipps.

Mariska Lautari
Mariska is all over the place in the gypsy camp. She bounces around to whatever catches her interest and enjoys telling stories, spinning poi, playing music for the Maypole dance, dancing, and teaching guests her favorite gambling games. Just don’t ask her to juggle. Other interests include: giving her sisters trouble, giving her husband trouble, and giving the entire camp of German mercenaries in the next field over, trouble.

Barbara MacRobie
Barbara MacRobie was lured into the German Guild in 2006 by her late husband and two sons. She has been devoted to the Empire ever since. She co-leads the guild with her son, Charles Fliss. She is also the German garbmaster, and her alter ego is a Viennese seamstress. At the Festival, she especially enjoys helping patrons create brass rubbings, demonstrating 16-century embroidery, and–because Landsknecht women know how to defend the baggage train–teaching “recruits” how to wield a pike. Her day job is as the Missouri Art Council’s public information officer, the latest stage in her lifelong career in nonprofit marketing/communications.

Katheryne McRae
Katheryne McRae has been a cast member of the St. Louis Renaissance Faire ofr six seasons, since the age of 7. She is a sophomore in high school. She is also a competitive dancer and does taekwondo. Her character is Adara Lautari. Adara is the Rom Baro’s daughter, poi spinner, and a juggling teacher for the Lautari Gypsy Clan. She has a skilled mother and a hardworking father. Adara loves to teach poi and help teach our dancers.

Kathleen Mitchell
Kathleen started with the faire in 2013 as Diane de Poitiers. Since 2014, she has played Katherine of Aragon, Queen of England. She was a squire at the Kansas City Faire in 2014 and 2015. Kathleen loves being around horses and you can often find her adoring on her horse friends. Outside the faire, she is the proud parent of a dog and cat. She is a foster parent, novice belly dancer, book club member, and geeks out on various fandoms. As part of the faire, she enjoys playing powerful women and learning about their places in history. Kathleen enjoys being able to interact with the people that visit faire as a queen.

Tierney Patterson
Tierney has been part of the St. Louis Renaissance festival for 3 years as a bloodthirsty German landsknecht soldier named Gerhard Blutbad. Before the festival, tierney worked at various Hardee’s locations as a crew trainer. Now, residing in Wentzville, she works as a manager at the Hardee’s and enjoys time with her family and playing video games.

Maggie Peters
Maggie Peters has been with the German Guild at the St. Louis Renaissance Festival for a year. There, she portrays the role of a spoiled Countess, who travels with the Landsknecht mercenaries, enjoying archery and tormenting her brother’s men. Outside of the festival, Maggie lives in Ballwin, Missouri and works as a marketing writer. She still enjoys archery, as well as reading and drawing.

Tina Renard
Tina was first introduced to Renaissance festivals when she sang with the University of Missouri-Rolla Madrigal Singers. Having performed with them at the Kansas City Renaissance Festival for four years, this is her first year as a cast member with the Court Guild where she portrays a midwife of the French court. Tina has a BA in Drama from the University of Washington and an MA in Theater Education from Fontbonne University. She is also a certified music and theater teacher and has taught music and drama for 15 years. Tina enjoys celebrating her French heritage by practicing her French accent as she interacts with the patrons at the festival.

Aric Schrey
Aric has been part of the Luxembourg Fahnlein for five years and has enjoyed it. Aric went to trade school to specialize in combination welding. Hobbies include sword fighting, weapons collecting, blacksmithing, shooting, video games, and hanging out with friends. Camping and hiking are also favorites.

Lanya da Silva
Lanya portrays the Queen Claude de France. She first joined the cast in 2006, portraying Random Peasant #17. The following year, she took the role of Queen Claude de France. “There are few things more magical than the smile and laughter of people transported to time and place different from their normal lives,” Lanya says about the festival. Outside of the festival, she is a software engineer and enjoys doting on her kitties, learning the ATS style of belly dance, reading, and enjoying a variety of fandoms.

Jason Smallen
Jason joined the cast of the faire in 2008 with the German guild. He was part of the German guild for 6 years before moving to the royal guards where he has played an English guard for the past 4 years. The faire is important to him as it is one of the main things he and his daughter Kathryn bond over and its where he has made life long friendships. When he is not doing faire, he can be found at Cardinals or Blues games.

Hannah Thiede
Hannah has been acting in the St. Louis Renaissance Festival since the season of 2017. She is known as Princess Isabella of Portugal at the Faire. Her hobbies include theatre, playing the cello, singing, and obsessing over Harry Potter. She looks forward to many more years of being part of the Faire.

Kaitlyn Thiede
Kaitlyn portrays Princess Charlotte in the Renaissance Faire. Outside of the faire, she is a swimmer for her high school and enjoys to run in her free time. She joined the faire two years ago based on her love for history. When she attends college next year, she’ll major in History, English, and Law.

Ashe Trull is an up and coming entertainer in the St. Louis region. They’ve performed with Dance Center of Kirkwood, Daysprings school of the Arts, Six Flags St. Louis, Pride St. Charles, Patchwork Theater Company, Anime St. Louis and the St. Louis Renaissance Festival. Ashe’s hobbies include photography, fashion and cosplay modeling, mermaiding, study of Japanese culture, dance and cooking. This is Ashe’s first year in the Renaissance Festival where they’ll be debuting as the Mermaid Guild’s first Merman! Come visit Ashe as they play the part of a Mystical Merman Prince, Water Spirit Aquor! Enjoy the faire!

Krista Willma-Liebrum
Joined in 2016, Krista is part of the Gypsy Guild. During the week, she works as support staff for Community Living Inc., is a member of Alexander #242 of the Order of the Eastern Stars, a charter member and Fundraising Co-Chair of the Cosmopolitan Club of St. Charles County, and is a sister of Epsilon Xi of Alpha Xi Delta. She attended the University of Missouri St. Louis for a degree in Social Work. During the festival, she is Zelma of Clan Lutari and roams with her Romani kin, teaching dance, as well as spreading merriment and mischief throughout the lands–they may or may not have been known to relocate a thing or two as well!

Dolly has been stuck in the port of Balinghem for quite some time now with her pirate band. She hasn’t minded since there always seems to be a good time to be had and plenty of opportunity to “find” treasure. Before she came to sail the seven seas, when she was still a wee lass, she led a rather dull existence as the daughter of an innkeeper at Berwick-on-Tweed in county Northumberland. She’s having much more fun now. If you find yourself in Ballinghem, look her up for a game of dice–she will be happy to relieve you of any coin that is weighing you down.

Rhoswen is a rose pixie. She loves glitter, sugar, shiny things, and other wee ones that run through the Fae wood. She does not bite and is mostly friendly to humans. Unless she is out of sugary treats. Then she has thorns. Wave something sparkly and back away slowly.