WK 1 – Highland Fling

Highland Fling

September 18th & 19th 2021 

The Highland Fling weekend will have you cheering for your favorite athlete in our Celtic Games. Come join on the fun as you experience our Scottish weekend, full of contests, vendors, and the annual Highland Games. Be sure to check out our Daily Royal events, there’s something fun for everyone.

Guest Vendors

Guest Vendors Coming Soon 

Contest Schedule:

Normandy Stage:

12:00 PM: Kid Kilt Contest

12:15 PM: Adult Kilt Contest

12:45 PM: Tater Toss

1:45 PM: Scotch Egg Eating

2:15 PM: Bonnie Knee

2:45 PM: Dance Contest

3:15 PM: Beard Contest

3:30 PM: Hula Hoop Contest

4:00 PM: Cornhole

Joust Field:

11:00 AM: Kid’s Highland Games

12:15 PM: Keg Toss

12:45 PM: Highland Games Pt. 1

1:15 PM: Wife Carry

2:45 PM: Highland Games Pt. 2

3:15 PM: Tug-o-War

Entertainment Schedule: Coming Soon

Royal Pavilion
Coming Soon

St. Louis Stage
Coming Soon

Owain Stage
Coming Soon 

Friendship Stage
Coming Soon 

Joan of Arc Stage
Coming Soon 

Falconer’s Keep
Coming Soon 

Aerial Act
Coming Soon 

Marco Polo Stage
Coming Soon 

Storytelling Stage
Coming Soon 

Knights Pub Stage
Coming Soon 

Glass Blower
Coming Soon 

Pirate Ship
Coming soon