Musical Groups

3 Pints Gone

They’re back! 3 Pints Gone play Celtic traditional-style folk songs and sea shanties at bars, Celtic fairs, and events around the country. Songs of love, War, and Inebriation, they bring sound full of high energy and harmony-rich arrangements.

Pirates Inc.

Guess who’s ship sailed into our land? Pirates Inc. includes four renaissance performers who travel all over the land to share their chant-songs and original music.


Apryl Knight

Apryl Knight plays music from many times and many lands on WAY too many instruments. You can see her in the lanes playing her bowed psaltery, hurdy gurdy, bodhran, flute, pennywhistle, and much more! From Renaissance folk songs to Medieval tunes written by kings, she is sure to play something you’ll love.



PICTUS: Primal, thundering war drums and creative percussion.
PICTUS: Powerful, soul-stirring bagpipes
PICTUS: Visual and percussive Irish hard shoe and Highland dance.
PICTUS is music for the warrior-poet, the music of our ancestors, and will rouse the ancient spirit of the Celt within.

Performance Dates: Last two weekends (October 7, 8, 14, 15)

Location: Marco Polo (October 7) & Pirate Ship (October 8, 14, 15)

Musical Blades

Since the turn of the century, Musical Blades have offered a unique blend of hilarity and harmonies. Offering a range of music styles including mug-banging pub chant-alongs, rowdy folk favorites and tear-jerking sea ballads, this pirate crew plunders the hearts of audiences wherever they go.


The Rum Runners

The Rum Runners bring the finest drinking-sailing music to the land. With catchy songs, you’ll love the Folk music they bring.

Stary Olsa

This medieval Belarusian band uses “forgotten” instruments (belarusian bagpipes, lyre, gusli, svirel, jew’s-harp, ocarina, birch bark trumpet, and more!). By reconstructing musical traditions of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, the six performers mix instruments with other European medieval instruments. It’s a sound you don’t want to miss hearing!

Zen Harbison

Since the age of 10, Zen has been an enthusiast of the festival. Playing alongside his harpist companion, Pamela Bruner, Zen plays music that all patrons will love. Fun fact, he is currently President of the American Harp Society Gateway Chapter.

King’s Sing

The final performance of the day consists of some of your favorite performers coming together to sing with the King! It’s a grand way to end the day at the Festival.

Greenleaf Singers

The Greenleaf Singers is an exciting vocal ensemble specializing in a cappella music of the Renaissance. Come and hear their wonderfully blended voices as they bring to life the works of the most gifted composers of the 15th thru 16th Centuries.